Cardiff University

Collection Number: HC7/8
Date: 1947
Content: Documents/publications
Document Type: 1 book contract, 1 Trust Deed,1 lecture, 1 speech, 1 pamphlet, 2 texts of speech, 1 typed extract article, 3 Daily Mirror reports, 1 booklet, 1 extract review journal, 1 draft thesis and notes, 1 set profile quotes
Notes: Documents include reports on The Mirror/Sunday Mirror from Michael Molloy, Richard Stott, Keith Waterhouse. Article on privacy from Daily Mirror 1958, lecture by Baron Jenkins of Hillhead, speech by Solly Baron Zuckerman of Burnham Thorpe
Keywords: Daily Mirror, The Ashton Case, Criccieth Festival Lecture, 1974 World Energy Conference , Ellis Birk, British Army Newspapers, 'Persuasion' Review

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