Cardiff University

Collection Number: HC3/3/2
Date: 1962
Content: Correspondence: Mirror Group People (past and present)
Document Type: 235 letters, 2 cards, 5 postcards, 2 notes
Notes: Correspondence from 1962 with and re. Mirror Group writers and exectutives. Includes Ellis Birk, Geoffrey Goodman, Lee Howard, Percy Roberts, William Soutar, Peter Stephens, Clive Thornton, Noel Whitcombe, Peter Wilson
Keywords: Sydney Baron Jacobson of St Albans, Robert Edwards, Paul Foot, Roy Greenslade, Anthony Miles, Michael Molloy, Sir Edward Pickering, John Pilger, Marjorie Proops, Sir Frank Rogers, Sydney Thomas (Don) Ryder, Terence Lancaster, Keith Waterhouse, Donald Zec

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