Cardiff University

Collection Number: HC3/3/1
Date: 1965
Content: Correspondence: Mirror Group and IPC
Document Type: 110 letters, 27 memos, 10 notes, 1 invoice, 8 bulletins, 2 telegrams
Notes: Documents cover Cudlipp's consultancy to Robert Maxwell (1984/6), Memos re. Harold Wilson (1964/71), future of Mirror Magazine, Reed Group/IPC Merger (1970), retirement (1972)
Keywords: Robert Maxwell, John Beavan, James Harold Baron Wilson of Rievaulx, Don Ryder, Mark Goodman, Marjorie Proops, Sir Larry Lamb, Woodrow Baron Wyatt of Weeford, Basil Davidson, Sir Max Aitken, Sir David English, Mirror Group Newspapers

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