Cardiff University

Collection Number: HC2/4
Date: 1968
Content: Cecil King: Dismissal from Chairmanship of IPC, 1968
Document Type: 21 letters, 4 memos, 1 set of minutes
Notes: Documents: report on meeting Hugh Cudlipp and Lord Mountbatten.Letters written by IPC Board Directors at Hugh Cudlipp's request (1975/76) when he was relating the events in 'Walking on the Water' as to why they felt Cecil King should have been dismissed.
Keywords: Cecil King, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, Jack Nener, Sir Edward Pickering, Ellis Birk, Basil de Launey, Sydney Baron Jacobson of St Albans, Gordon Cartwright, Sir Frank Rogers, H.W. (Tommy) Atkins, Veere Sherren, International Publishing Corporation

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