Cardiff University

Collection Number: HC1/7
Date: 1973
Content: Chichester
Document Type: 279 letters, 5 postcards, 1 memo, 2 reports, 4 brochures, 2 newsletters, 1 minutes, 7 cuttings, 1 essay, 2 poems, 1 obituary, 1 photograph, 1 Articles of Association
Notes: Documents cover correspondence with three Deans of Chichester Cathedral: Very Rev (John) Walter Hussey, Very Rev Robert Tinsley Holtby, Very Rev John Treadgold. Various Chichester clubs, including Keats Luncheon Club, founded by Hugh Cudlipp 1991.
Keywords: Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester Festivities, Chichester Observer, Chichester Society, Keats Luncheon Club, Chichester City Club, Rt Rev Eric Waldram Kemp Bishop of Chichester

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